13 September 2011

Great Performance

Sorry for not posting in a while...I have been busy with Bar Mitzvah preparations.

Last night during Monday Night Football, The Patriots dominating win over the Dolphins 38-24 was capped of with franchise records, and MNF records by who else than Tom Brady. Brady passed for 517 YARDS!!! Not to mention his four touchdowns. The defending MVP was nearly flawless last season if not for the playoff game against the Jets in Foxboro last season, where the Jets stunned the Patriots. ESPN's John Gruden (former NFL coach) said "Brady is a man on a mission." Brady happens to be an athlete I personally look up too. He is great leader, and an intense player. I am looking forward to see what kind of show Brady puts on this season.

17 January 2011

Running His Mouth

I personally don't like the Jets, particularly Rex Ryan. 2 weeks ago Ryan used the line, "it's personal," when he was talking about 'fulfilling his destiny' to beat Peyton Manning (he has previously only played him twice). He used the same line this past week talking about Bill Belichick, and not coming to New York just to "kiss Bill's rings," he wanted to prove he is better. Whether it's Rex Ryan working all these miracles by beating the best two quarterbacks in the league in Brady and Manning, I don't know. All I would say to Rex is to keep his mouth shut or else on Sunday the Steelers will put their best foot forward and pound Ryan's less than Stellar offense....just for Rex; also Ryan should really start kissing Tomlin's rings.

21 December 2010

So Long Agent Zero

The Washington Wizards traded Gilbert Arenas to the Orlando Magic Friday night in a major 3 way deal between Washington, Orlando, and Phoenix, in exchange, the less than stellar Wizards received F Rashard Lewis. The trade may not have helped the Wizards in terms of skill, but the trade got a franchise crushing and immature player in Gilbert Arenas of their backs. Rashard Lewis is 31 years old, averages 12,2 ppg, 4.2 rpg, and 1.2 apg. Gilbert was apologetic to the city of Washington for his carless prank last year, when he brought a loaded gun into the Wizard's locker room. Gilbert is now acting humble for a new opportunity to be a part of a successful franchise.

Back on Track?

The Washington capitals recent 8 game losing streak finally came to an end Sunday where the caps triumphed in a battle of North American capitals against Ottawa. The caps entered the streak atop the NHL with a 18-6-2 record sitting pretty in the Southeast division. However, the caps came out of the streak 18-12-4, 10th in the NHL, and 3rd in their division. Many questions surrounded the franchise and particularly the head coach Bruce Boudreau. Many people thought that Boudreau would be fired. Boudreau and the caps lost their games against: Dallas 2-1, Atlanta 3-1, Toronto 5-4 (SO), Florida 3-0, Colorado 3-2, New York Rangers an embarrassment of 7-0, Anaheim 2-1 (OT), and Boston 3-2. Big name stars such as Alex Ovechkin, Alex Semin, Nicklas Backstrom, and Mike Green performed horrifically with a combined less than 10 points. The caps were outscored during the stretch 28 to 11, they averaged 1.375 goals per game, last year they averaged over 3.5. The caps have turned it around lately, with a 3-2 hard fought win in Ottawa, and just recently a prevail over New Jersey 5-1, with the 3rd and 4th line gritty guys making a significant difference. The caps face the "streaking" Pittsburgh Penguins on Thursday where the stars will have to step up in order to win 3 in a row, and turn the franchise around in the right direction.

02 December 2010

Caps Face Dallas

The Capitals face The Dallas Stars in a crucial east-west showdown tonight. Both teams are relying on their hot forwards and goalies in Brad Richards and Kari Lethonen, (Dallas) and Alexander Semin and Semyon Varlamov. (Washington)

12 November 2010

Racking Up the Wins

The Washington Capitals, and their young stars have won their past 6 games with authority. The win streak started 2 weeks ago against the Calgary Flames. The caps won against the Flames 7-2, with a 6 goal offensive outburst in the second period. Later in the week, The Caps played lazily late in the game, but still managed to come out on top against Toronto in a shootout 5-4. The caps kept the streak alive against Boston, in a hard fought close game that the Caps triumphed in, 5 to 3. Next game, the Caps improved their overtime record to 5 and 0, beating Philadelphia by a score of 3-2. Then, the Caps ventured to Madison Square Garden, where they outplayed, and beat the New York Rangers. Just recently, the Caps topped a division rival, the Tampa Bay Lightning in a lead-turning game by a score of 6 to 3. In the caps 6 game stretch, Alexander Ovechkin, Alexander Semin, and Nicklas Backstrom have been tremendous, with 38 combined points in the past 6 games. The Caps play the Sabres tomorrow night, and they look to make it 7 in a row.

08 November 2010

Breakdown in Dallas

The Dallas Cowboys are off to a shocking 1 and 7 start this season, 2nd worst in franchise history and Dallas has finally made some changes. Former head coach Wade Phillips was fired today after Green Bay's rout of Dallas last night, 45 to 7, Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett took over for Phillips. A upsetting defeat, as Dallas expected to bounce back last night, instead things are just getting worse for the Cowboys. In the beginning of the season owner Jerry Jones, fans, and the players of the Cowboys had expectations for Dallas to play in the super bowl at Cowboy Stadium this year, but Dallas has almost been eliminated from the playoffs halfway through the season already.